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How to Stay Healthy and Productive While You Work from Home

Feb 05,2024 | TheFurniture

While many in Singapore have gone back to working on-site, a good percentage still work from home most days of the week. If you’re part of the remote workforce, then you’ll need to find ways to strike a balance between maintaining your health and remaining productive. So, here are some practical tips for creating a conducive work environment at home.

1. Create an Ergonomic and Motivating Workspace

The foundation of a productive home office starts with selecting the right furniture that can ensure your comfort and keep everything organised. So, if you are looking for the must-have furniture pieces that can facilitate this by helping you maintain a good posture and reduce the risk of strain injuries while you work from home, consider the following:

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs: Ergonomic office chairs offer lumbar support, adjustable height, and tilt functions to ensure you maintain a comfortable and safe posture throughout your workday. What’s more, you can adjust their settings according to your personal preferences, helping you avoid back, neck, shoulder and leg strain.
  • Home Office Desk: Your home office desk should provide ample space and be at a height that aligns with your chair and keyboard, reducing strain on your wrists and eyes.
  • Organisation Solutions: A clutter-free and organised workspace can significantly boost your focus and efficiency. Therefore, be sure to incorporate storage solutions like multipurpose cabinets to keep your desk tidy.

2. Establish a Healthy Routine

A well-structured routine is pivotal for productivity and mental well-being when you work from home. Here are some tips we recommend to help you get started:

  • Set Regular Hours: Establish and stick to regular work hours. Doing so will let you create a sense of normalcy. What’s more, following a routine helps in separating work time from your personal time.
  • Take Regular breaks: Incorporate breaks into your schedule. During your breaks, try to step away from your workspace for a few minutes. You don’t have to leave your home. In most cases, you can easily refresh your mind and eyes by performing some light physical activities like stretches. This helps in reducing eye strain and keeps your energy levels up.
  • Set Boundaries: Communicate your work hours and needs to those you live with to minimise interruptions and distractions. By informing them about your work routine, you’re also keeping them on the same page as your goals. 

Quick Tip: If you want to create a more comfortable home office, consider getting a chaise lounge where you can take quick naps.

3. Balance Work and Personal Life

Maintaining a boundary between work and personal life is challenging but essential for your overall well-being. You can follow these tips to achieve work and life balance:

  • Designate a Workspace: If possible, set up a dedicated workspace separate from your living areas. This physical separation helps in mentally distinguishing between 'work mode' and 'home mode'.
  • Stay Connected: When you work from home, you may feel isolated from time to time. So, stay connected with your colleagues and peers through virtual meetings and casual catch-ups. After work, try to go out with your friends or loved ones.
  • Feed Your Soul: Use your weekends wisely. Instead of browsing through social media or binge-watching crime series, engage in activities that relax your mind. For example, you can read a book, practise mindfulness or engage in a healthy hobby.

Create a Healthy Work-from-Home Setup Today

Working from home presents unique challenges, but with the right setup, routine, and mindset, it can be both productive and rewarding. By finding the right office furniture in Singapore, setting up a routine, staying active and maintaining a work-life balance, you can create a healthy and effective regimen while you work from home.