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Chaise Lounge: Understanding the Basics

Feb 05,2024 | TheFurniture

There are various types of sofas in Singapore, and chaise sofas are among them. Also known as a chaise lounge, this upholstered couch is a chair that is long enough to let you prop your legs up. Moreover, because it can come in a modular design, it is often seen at the end of a sectional or L-shaped sofa. So, if you’re looking for a couch that lets you relax in a half-lying, half-sitting position, here are the basic details you must know about a chaise sofa.

What Is a Chaise Sofa?

The term “chaise” literally translates to “long chair” in French. In addition, this furniture piece could be made of leather, fabric or any other material. Regardless of the upholstery, it will still be called a chaise lounge as long as it has an extended portion that lets you rest your leg. Generally, you’ll often find this section at the end of a U-shaped or an L-shaped sofa couch. Moreover, as mentioned, it can also be part of a modular sofa. 

Chaise Lounge vs. Traditional Sofa

So, what exactly is the difference between a traditional sofa and a chaise lounge? 

While similar in purpose, a chaise lounge and a traditional sofa still have some differences. 

For example, the latter is designed to let you sit in an upright position with your feet on the ground and knees bent. Another detail to remember is that a sofa, which tends to comprise multiple seats, makes it ideal for bigger groups.

On the other hand, a chaise lounge allows you to sit in a more reclined position while allowing you to prop your legs up on the furniture. However, unlike the large sofa, the chaise can typically only accommodate two or fewer people. 

What Are the Different Styles of a Chaise Lounge?

Chaise sofas come in an array of designs, each echoing a specific era or style. Here’s a look at some popular types:

  • Traditional Victorian Chaise: Characterised by tufted buttons and plush velvet upholstery, these chaise sofas exude a classic, elegant charm.
  • Mid-Century Modern: Often featuring a simple, armless design with a curved seat, these chaise lounges are perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to a study or library.
  • Contemporary Styles: Modern chaise sofas tend to have a more square, minimalistic design with comfortable upholstery. While you can find them as standalone couches, furniture stores also sell them as luxury sofa sets with modular pieces and separate ottomans.

Quick Tip: Check out our guide on cleaning fabric sofas to maintain the beauty and quality of your fabric chaise lounge.

Where to Find the Ideal Chaise Sofa?

Chaise sofas are a blend of functionality, style, and comfort. Whether you opt for a classic Victorian piece or a sleek, modern design, these sofas can transform your living area into a haven of relaxation. So, if you’re looking to add a chaise sofa to your living space, consider TheFurniture. Whether you’re searching for a chaise lounge, fabric couch or leather sofa in Singapore, we have a variety of options that combine quality, style, and comfort.

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