Living Concepts

Home furnishing is an art form that can transform a home to reflect the home owner’s personality and outlook in life. With the right touches, a home can take on a life of its own. Here, we hope to present you with frequently updated ideas and inspirations to make your home a cosy abode which energizes you and recharges your spirit – a place which you look forward to coming home to.

Contemporary Arden

Arden combines grey and gold to give you a simple but well-curated living concept furniture series. The less-in-more design creates a contemporary visage.

Vintage Edda

Infuse your home with the warm vitality and gentle energy of Edda’s Wood Series. The vintage inspired creation nestles itself perfectly with a classic cottage interior design and yet does not look out of place in a more modern setting. 

Stylist Tino

Tino brings a luxurious feel to your living room and its simple yet elegant colours make it easy to mix and match with other tones - allowing you to design your living space with ease.

Charming Jacob

Jacob uses colour contrasts in it’s designs of its selection of different wardrobe, dressing table and dresser combinations to blend with your personal space. Choose between the darker walnut or lighter chestnut and cream to fit your personal theme. 

Designer Jim

Jim makes use of natural patterns both in the materials and colour combinations created by the design to form a tapestry of patterns that would make any interior designer proud.

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