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4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Sofa Bed in Singapore

Apr 10,2024 | TheFurniture

Do you often have guests sleeping over? Perhaps you’re living in a small apartment, and you’re looking for ways to maximise space? 

Well, you should consider buying a sofa bed. 

It can be a versatile addition to your home, offering seating and sleeping solutions in one stylish package. And if you want to know how to choose the ideal living room furniture that guarantees your money’s worth, this guide will help you make an informed decision. 

Here are four factors to consider when buying a sofa bed in Singapore.

1. Size and Space Compatibility

When you buy a sofa in Singapore, ensure size and space compatibility. You can do this by identifying where you plan to place the furniture. Then, measure the available space and choose a sofa bed that fits comfortably without overcrowding the area. Also, consider the dimensions of the sofa bed both when it's folded and unfolded. For smaller rooms, a compact and modern 3 seater couch that converts into a bed can be an excellent choice. Finally, think about the flow of movement in your space and ensure the furniture won't obstruct pathways or other furniture pieces. 

2. Comfort and “Mattress” Quality

While this type of furniture doesn't have a traditional "mattress" and typically lies flat, forming a bed with its buried mattress within the frame, it should still provide a pleasant seating experience and include a high-quality built-in "mattress" for restful sleep.

So, before you buy the furniture piece, test the sofa bed for both seating and sleeping comfort. Sit on it to ensure it feels good, and lie down to check the built-in mattress's support and firmness. This way, you can ensure that the sofa bed meets your comfort needs for everyday use and occasional guests.

3. Durability and Material

Another factor to consider is the type of material that can withstand regular use. Upholstery options like fabric and synthetic leather offer unique benefits. For example, fabric sofas are easy to clean, and they come in various patterns and colours. On the other hand, if you want durable and stain-resistant material, buying a faux leather couch is always an alternative. 

Additionally, ensure the sofa bed has a sturdy frame and reliable mechanisms for smooth conversion between sofa and bed. A robust frame, typically made from hardwood or metal, will ensure your sofa bed lasts for years, providing consistent comfort and style. Options like our Lila Fabric Sofa also come with a click-clack mechanism that releases a built-in mattress, offering unparalleled comfort with just a simple gesture.

4. Design and Aesthetics

It’s also important to buy a sofa bed that complements your home's interior design. As such, explore various styles and colours available, from sleek modern designs to classic looks. Also, consider how the sofa bed will blend with your existing furniture and decor. For instance, if you want a versatile piece, lean towards furniture pieces with neutral tones. But if you want to make a statement, consider sofa beds with bold colours to make a statement. 

Find Your Perfect Sofa Bed Today

When choosing a sofa bed, consider your specific needs and design preferences to ensure it fits seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. And when you’re ready to buy furniture online in Singapore, visit TheFurniture and find the ideal sofa bed that combines style and practicality.